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Passive Income: The Golden Ticket to Living Life Your Way

Put your money to work in assets that make more money without taking more time or effort. Smart asset allocation and diverse, reliable passive income streams are your golden ticket!


We prefer to engage people in a brief live conversation right off the bat. It cuts through the fluff (+ email overload) so we quickly get a handle on who you are and if/how we can best support your goals for growing wealth and prosperity.


Achieving any goal/objective requires clarifying your vision. Then map a step-by-step path, starting from wherever you are. Build competence and confidence as you go. Use us, our alliance, our free passive investing mastery program as a guide.


Learning who, what, how equips you, but none of your money grows until you act. You must consistently take action. Engage, learn, invest alongside us. Build a strong network of profits and savvy investor connections to create the life you want.

Meet Peter & Keke

With decades of Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and consulting experience in our combined past, we started investing in real estate with three primary goals:

-Diversify investments beyond 401k and brokerage accounts to reduce risk, avoid volatility, and increase control of our assets.

-Utilize real estate investment tax strategies to offset highly-taxed W-2 income and keep more of our hard-earned cash.

-Create greater choice, flexibility, and freedom in our lives by generating multiple, mostly passive income streams and eliminating our sole dependency on W-2 income.

Why should you care about us or our story? Because you may be trying to achieve some of these goals too. We’ve already made many of the mistakes you’ll likely make.

Our greater purpose: help others learn faster, with less mistakes so we all have the tools to live better, happier, more self-directed lives we love. Help us help you!

Be Smart Money

Smart money is overwhelmingly about your money mindset and behaviors, not what you know or your raw IQ score. It’s about your relationship with greed and fear, how you seek information, what you question, who you trust, your ability to take a long-term view. And it can be learnt.

We can give you formulas, data, analytics to support your investment decisions, but courage and confidence to act often comes from engaging and collaborating with peers you trust who are doing the same. So connect with a like-minded alliance of peers and let’s get you on your way.

Passive Investors Taking Action!
Properties we partially own with other investors

Why a Core Focus On US Multifamily?

  1. Housing is a primary human need with inelastic demand no matter the economic climate or business cycle
  2. Abundance of data transparency, analytics, legal ownership protections in US-based multifamily housing significantly de-risks your investment vs other markets
  3. Produces predictable cash flow, often from month one
  4. Asset value & appreciation is controlled & accentuated through experienced, professional asset management
  5. Syndication investing structure provides accredited investors access to large investments with higher returns
  6. Smart use of debt enhances investor returns, while the mortgage interest expense provides a business write-off that reduces overall taxable income as well
  7. Depreciation makes real estate the most tax efficient investment class, while this hard asset also hedges against inflation risk, thus ensuring your money’s enduring value

“GIA revealed itself to me during my search for a safe community of learning and exploration of new options for investing in my future as a single woman. Keke and Peter provided just that, and have become core to the execution of new opportunities for investment and continued mentorship in full alignment with my goals. Brava!”

Sandie – Former McKesson Executive
In Panama, Living her dream of early
& active retirement

“We had been talking about a plan to do more with our investments for years but didn’t know where to start. Since joining GIA, we’ve developed our ‘freedom plan’ and invested in multifamily apartment buildings in Cleveland and Cincinnati. We couldn’t have done this without Peter and Keke’s help.”


​​”When I met Keke and Peter, I knew right away they were people of integrity and honesty. They are also financial experts and have a clear plan for ensuring their own long-term financial security and to help others do the same. I would recommend anyone, especially women, to join them to learn to manage their own financial security.”

Jeanne – Former Coca-Cola Executive
In Georgia, traveling much, Business Coaching and growing her wine business

Let’s collaborate together to help you realize your life and financial goals

Taking the first step is easy – click below to connect with us. Together we’ll decide if you’re a good fit to join the alliance of successful passive investors we’ve curated. After all, real estate investing is a team sport.